Why have clients chosen us?

The short answer is, they trusted us and believed that we could deliver the best results. To reach that conclusion, we met, exchanged histories and ideas, and we answered their questions. Sometimes it took two or three meetings. Only then did they choose us.

All we can do here is give you some facts. If you like what we write, please take the next step and meet with us… here’s how to request our complimentary consultation.

Ron Hunter

Why have clients chosen us - providing you a complimentary consultation with Equitas Business Brokers.


Every business has a unique story to tell. See what others think of us.

Why have clients chosen us - We have the expertise and experience with Equitas Business Brokers.

We have the expertise and experience

Everyone at Equitas, including our support team, has years of experience, first as business owners, then in business brokerage.

Ron Hunter, our founder, is a Certified Business Intermediary and member of the International Business Brokers Association, having served on the IBBA Canada board for 4 years in different roles. He’s also a Chartered Professional Accountant, and a Licenced Real Estate Broker. His entrepreneurial work includes creating the Canadian network of Coldwell Banker offices.

Why have clients chosen us - We'll be very focused on your needs with Equitas Business Brokers.

We'll be very focused on your needs

We’re not a high-volume practice. If we accept your request to represent you, you get everyone’s focused attention. To work the way we do, we can only accept a few clients per year. That also means our success rate has to be excellent. (Some brokerages sell fewer than half of the clients they sign up).

Why have clients chosen us - We only have one service level - first class with Equitas Business Brokers.

We only have one service level - first class

Some brokers make their top-level presentation an optional extra. There are no second-class services (or clients) at Equitas.

Why have clients chosen us - We add inspiration with Equitas Business Brokers.

We add inspiration

Our presentations contain all the requisite facts and figures… then we add inspiration. Creating an inspiring presentation is challenging, skilled work. It’s simply not enough to lay out your history. Of course buyers are paying you for what you’ve built, but they’re banking on (literally) finding ways to improve upon your work. We help them see that future clearly enough to justify paying top dollar today.

Why have clients chosen us - We attract and we hunt buyers with Equitas Business Brokers.

We attract and we hunt buyers

Millions of visitors per month from around the world review the top business-for-sale websites. If someone is still looking to buy, they’re looking at these sites. Likewise, corporate M&A managers, equity firms, immigration consultants, etc. subscibe to these sites.

So, what do we do to find more buyers than average brokers? We invest in upgraded listings to improve your visibility and credibility on the best for-sale websites. And we research the industry players and approach selected companies who could be buyers (your input and approval are obtained first).

Your Engagement Team - Contracted Support with network of specialized individuals at Equitas Business Brokers.

We specialize to stay on top

Many businesses are outside of our interest, so if we choose yours, its because we can do great work for you.

We are very knowledgeable in one sector, in one business size and in one region. Our ideal client is in Manufacturing, Distribution or B2B Services, with revenues of $1M—$30M, and located in our personal service area of London to Oshawa and Barrie to Niagara – with some exceptions.

Why have clients chosen us - This what we do with Equitas Business Brokers.

This what we do

THIS – selling our clients’ companies – is what we do. Together, we have a few lifetimes of experiences — successes and failures — which have taught us many things. Perhaps the most important of which is, how to work.

“Dedication – Integrity – Results” really does describe  us.

Our motto summarizes what we do and how we act. To put it into other words; we work relentlessly – representing you professionally – until the deal you want is done.