Are We a Fit?

To provide representation of the quality we promise, we focus on specific client criteria. So please, before you ask, confirm that we are a good fit.


Your location determines how quickly and frequently we can get to your company or meet in person. Your needs and our highway system have a big influence on this decision. If you can drive to the Toronto International Airport in less than 120 minutes, we can promise to be available without concern. Farther away and we might use video calls and couriers occasionally.

Industry Sector

We represent a lot of different companies… but not all. We have an affinity for most business-to-business companies. Less so with main street retailers, especially franchise resales, but you should check our size requirements first.

Business Size

There are different ways to look at size. Our concern is that we can’t afford to provide our full service to very small companies and we won’t compromise our services to match your size. Generally our clients have sales between $1M and $30M. Profitability counts as well. You might be very profitable with sales of $1M annually… or reasonably profitable selling over $2M. Above $2M and up to about $30M, your profitability can be approaching zero and there will still be buyers for your company. Companies substantially larger than $30M should consider brokers with experience at that level.

Your Ethics

Having a legal issue is not a deal killer. Hiding it is.

If you plan to hide a serious compliance, environmental, labour or legal issue, please rethink that plan. Due diligence is very thorough and it’s very likely that your secret will be discovered. When that happens, your deal will fall apart, and you might have new legal issues as a result.

All those criteria aside, there are exceptional companies which are outside our typical parameters. If you feel you have an ‘outside the box’, company, please call to discuss it.