Seller’s Inquiries

  • Owners may use these contact methods to ask about selling.
  • Owners are also entitled to our Introductory Consultation.. no cost, no obligation – details here.
  • Buyers must use the Buyer’s Portal –here.
  • Other inquiries should use the General page – here.

About Confidentiality

We will provide you with a signed Confidentiality Agreement to assure you that your information will be protected.


If you have an inquiry which is NOT about selling your company, please use our General Contact page. If you are inquiring about a company we represent for sale, please go to the Buyer’s Portal.

Seller’s Inquiries - Introductory Consultation, buyers portal and FAQs with Equitas Business Brokers.

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Request by Phone

OR Contact us by phone at 416-601-3670

Usually, someone is available from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.